Diving Right In

Learning how to blog is turning out to be like my first trial in the Court of Common Pleas (in 1980). You step in with lots of knowledge about your case, and then realize that you’ve never tried a case before! Thank goodness the Gods were with me and I received a successful verdict for my client. Well, I thought I knew enough about the computer to figure this out quickly, but am now realizing that I’ve never blogged before! After 33 years of law practice in a rather traditional manner, I am finding this to be a lot of fun. Not informative yet, but lots of fun.

So, my blog today is simply to express my deep sadness for the loss of a great trial lawyer, Ron Motley. Ron came from the same humble beginnings that I did, in the same area of North Charleston. He never forgot his family and he never stopped taking care of them. As often is the case, the fame and notoriety he achieved was a heavy burden. My heart is with him and his family as he enters into the next great phase of life in peace and tranquility. And, may he keep seeking out and punishing the bad guys!